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IR-Projector Relion-TKV-300-A-IR

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30 705.00  rub.
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The distance and angle of IR or SD version:
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Extra-power IR projectors Relion-TKV-300-A-IR are used for round-the-clock video monitoring process in explosion hazardous areas and at industrial sites where additional infra-red booster-light is required.

IR-light diodes Relion-TKV-300-A-IR provide black light for distance up to 100m highlighting distant objects.

In terms of application Relion-TKV-300-IR is produced in version:

  • Relion-TKV-300-A-IR - Ex-proof version is used in ex-proof areas of the 1 and 2 class

IR back light parameters:

  • Distance 60 m., angle 60 degrees;
  • Distance 100 m., angle 10 degrees;
  • Distance 15 m., angle 90 degrees.

Radiating wave length, 850 nm

It is possible to design a projector with led daytime running light to illuminate the object in various fields of application. Available in the following version:

  • Relion-TKV-300-A-SD - Ex-proof version is used in ex-proof areas of the 1 and 2 class

Working temperatures from -60 to +60 0C

Electrical connection to external sources: 12 - 36V DC/AC

Power connection 220V in ex-proof areas of classes “1” and “2” is possible with power converter Spectron-220/12-UP

IR projectors


Protection is made in compliance with IEC 60529:2013


Type of ex-proofing


Warranty period is 18 months from the date of commissioning, but not more than 24 months from the date of sale.

Wide range of accessories: 14 types of sealed cable glands and commutation boxes

Ex-proof and IR-projectors Relion-TKV-300-A-IR are included in Stock Item Catalogue of  JCS “Gazprom”