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Relion Ltd was established in 2000. The Company produces over 300 items of industrial and ex-proof products: fire detectors, manual call points, remote start devices, spot heat detectors, heat insulated enclosures, insulated cabinets, ex-proof video cameras, thermal cameras and infra-red projectors, light and light-and-sound panels, alarm horns, commutation boxes and cabinets.

E.Kuyvashev, the Governor, awards A.Gvozdyrev with
the Cherapanovs’ Award

Ya.Groznykh, E,Kuyvashev, Yu.Kozyrin at Hanover Messe in 2017

Alexander Gvozdyrev, the founder of the company, started his work on development of fire detectors back in the 80-ies of the XX Century. It was A.Gvozdyrev who commissioned the production of the first lead sulfide-based fire detector in the USSR.

A.V. Gvozdyrev in the Laboratory of the Urals Polytechnic Institute (the 80-ies)

One of NPO “Spectron” co-founders A.I. Nurov (1956-2008)

P.Fradkov at “Spectron” exhibition stand

Nowadays Relion Ltd operates in four largest cities of the Russian Federation: Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Ekaterinburg and Novosibirsk. “Relion” sales partners work in 46 cities of the Russian Federation and CIS countries. Cooperative agreements with the leading design and construction companies are in place. Cooperation with the largest designers of the complex safety systems is being developed.

Equipment produced by our company ensures safety aspects for more than 1,000,000 sites in Russia, CIS countries, Mongolia, China, the Netherlands and UAE. Including safety aspects for the Russian economy systemic companies sand government institutions.


Production sites owned by Relion Ltd offer mass serial production with advanced technologies:

  • application of CNC workstations, high precision laser cutting and welding;
  • thermoplastic molding and casting equipment for casting of aluminum for manufacturing of several dozens of items per month;
  • surface-mount assembly of boards with production capacity of 80,000 components per hour.
Automated SMD-assembly of boards is performed with high-tech equipment

The best materials and components produced in Russia are used:

  • anti-clouding fiber optics for working temperatures up to +200 0C, specially designed for Relion Ltd by FSUE “Scientific-Research and Technology Institute of Optical Material Engineering named after S.I. Vavilov”;
  • quartz glass with high UV-transmittance, visible and low IR-spectra; specific feature is the absence of fluorescence and radiant-optic stability;
  • silicone rubber characterized with high sealing ability;
  • Special steel grade including steel 12X18H10T produced by JSC “Mechel”;
  • switching regulators of new generation.
Metal processing shop is equipped with brand-new machines and CNC processing centers

This resulted in 0.038% of rejects.

ABS-plastic molding facility is equipped with modern injection-molding machines

Along with equity production, the company produces the following: 

  • plastic molding;
  • pressurized aluminum casting;
  • metal processing;
  • surface and manual assembly of boards;
  • production of devices based on the Customer design documentation.

Metal processing shop, CNC turning machine

Metal processing shop, plasma-cutting machine​

Upgrade of production facilities performed in 2012-2013 and certification of the quality management system based on GOST ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001:2008) requirements allowed further improvement of quality of products along with the cost reduction.

Facility for powder spraying on metal

Finished product packaging facility


Products and production base are permanently improved. Production of upgraded products or devices was launched once in two weeks in the latest two years.

For serial production of devices the team of developers is involved. Each team consists of more than 20 experts: electronic engineers, software engineers, designers, process engineers, experienced in work at the largest facilities of the Urals and Siberia.

Company products demonstrate better features than other Russian or foreign similar products.

Relion Ltd established one of the leading testing laboratories for performance of fire and climatic tests, electromagnetic compatibility tests, static tests, optical interference, pressure testing, vibrostability and stability to aggressive environment, etc. 

Firing trials are performed at TP-5 and TP-6

Climatic Test Chamber for tests in compliance with 
GOST R 53325-2012, GOST R MEK 60068-2-2

Relion Ltd pays special attention to quality of products and this is well received by leading scientific and certification centers in Russia. Relion activities are well supported by FSUE “All-Russian Scientific and Research Institute of Fire-Fighting of the Russian Federation Emergency Committee” and FSUE “All-Russia Scientific and Research Institute of Physical, Technical and Radiotechnical Measurements”.

Visual inspection of SMD-elements soldering

Test-bench for testing stability of products to electrostatic charge

Unique equipment is developed due to close interaction between design institutions and operating companies. Ways to improve Relion Ltd products are discussed at regular workshops.

“Relion” Technical Support and Consultancy team keeps record of all inquiries from operating companies with the purpose to improve products and make them usable and faultless.

Before commercial distribution any product is subject to testing and pilot operation at large industrial companies such as Gazprom, Rosneft, Surgutneftegas, LUKOil, FosAgro, UralKali, SIBUR, RUSAL, URALMASH.  The history of our company accounts for the fact: Relion Ltd is always one step ahead. Company history.