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Ex-proof Exd Dome Camera

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Ex-proof Exd Dome camera

  • Relion-PTZ-Exd-M-Dome-IP-2Mp
  • Relion-PTZ-Exd-N-Dome-IP-2Mp
  • Relion-PTZ-Exd-M-Dome-IP-5Mp
  • Relion-PTZ-Exd-N-Dome-IP-5Mp

Relion-PTZ-Exd-Dome - Ex-proof Dome Video Camera. Area of application - security and in-process control CCTV in ex-proof zones”1” and “2” at large industrial facilities

Marking РВ Ex db I Mb / 1Ex db IIC Т6 Gb / Ex tb IIIC T85°С Db allows usage of the video camera in ex-proof zones “1” and “2”, closed rooms and at open facilities, underground mines, pits, surface structures, hazardous due to gas (methane) and coal dust concentrations

Body material – stainless steel 12Х18Н10Т or galvanized steel. Video camera with stainless steel housing may be used in alkaline, acidic and other aggressive chemical environment, with exposure to sea water and salt fog

The highest dust and water proofness IP66/IP68

Video camera is equipped with 1/3” CMOS-matrix with sensitivity 0.005 Lux at F1.6, maximum resolution 2592x1520 px (4Mpx).

Zoom lens with focus distance 4.5-135 mm is located under bubble top

30-magnifier (30-fold zoom) provides image zooming with maximum details of any point

Video camera supports “day/night” operating mode and is equipped with mechanic IR-filter for color correction during daylight and color sensitivity improvement in the night time

Working temperature range from -65° to +60°С with electric heating

Maximum power consumption with powered heating element not more than 60 W

Camera supports double-flow mode for reduction of load to videorecorder and to network and ensures simplified internet access. Compression of video footage is supported with H.264 and H.265 video codecs. Compression standard H.265 accounts for archive space economy

For prevention of contrast variability, flare spots, noise on the image, the camera is designed for wide dynamic range (Real WDR 120dB), equipped with backlight compensation (BLC), white peak inversion (HLC) and noise suppression function (3D DNR)

PoE support provides signal transfer and power supply via Ethernet cable

When choosing a switch for cameras, there are two parameters to consider regarding the use of PoE technology: the maximum power supplied by the switch per port and the overall PoE power budget of the switch. The maximum power consumption of the video camera must not exceed the allocated power per switch port, and the total maximum power consumption of the video cameras must not exceed the total PoE power budget of the switch.

Video analytics instruments: face recognition, line crossing, intrusion and detection of left/lost articles, autotrecking

Protection is made in compliance with GOST 14254

Type of ex-proofing


Warranty period is 18 months from the date of commissioning, but not more than 24 months from the date of sale.