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Galvanized steel video monitor

Package price:
121 000.00  rub.
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0.00 rub.

Ex-proof galvanized steel videomonitors

  • Relion-МР-Exm-M-LCD-21 v 01
  • Relion-МР-Exm-M-LCD-21 v 02
  • Relion-МР-Exm-M-LCD-21 v 03
  • Relion-МР-Exm-M-LCD-21 v 04
  • Relion-МР-Exm-M-LCD-21 v 05
  • Relion-МР-Exm-M-LCD-21 v 06
  • Relion-МР-Exm-M-LCD-24 v 01
  • Relion-МР-Exm-M-LCD-24 v 02
  • Relion-МР-Exm-M-LCD-24 v 03
  • Relion-МР-Exm-M-LCD-24 v 04
  • Relion-МР-Exm-M-LCD-24 v 05
  • Relion-МР-Exm-M-LCD-24 v 06

Intended for imaging of information from personal computers and videorecorders

Operating temperature range from +1 to +55 °С.

Configuration with electric heating (04, 05, 06 index in the name) allows operation of the monitor at low temperatures from -60 to +55 °С.

Ex-proof marking 1 Ex e ia mb IIC T6 Gb X / Ex ia mb IIIC T85°С Db / РП Ex e ia mb I Mc X

Welded design of the monitor ensures hardness and mechanic stability of the product

Videomonitor may be equipped with a swivel arm for installation of the video monitor on the wall at a certain angle. The arm is also made of galvanized steel. Without an arm, the monitor shall be installed on a flat surface with no possibility of its inclination relative to the installation surface

Video signal transmission to the monitor shall be ensured with a transmitter to a distance up to 100 meters via a UTP cat cable. 5e

The video monitor has the following interfaces to connect to the equipment:

 - versions with index 01 and 04  -  HD, HDTV or HDTV analog input;

 - versions with index 02 and 05  -  HDMI digital interface;

 - versions with index 03 and 06  -  VGA analog interface

Protection is made in compliance with GOST 14254

Type of ex-proofing

Warranty period 18 months since commissioning, but not longer than 24 months since sale