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Heating cabinet Spectron-TSh

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Heating cabinets for placement of equipment with heating Spectron-TSh

Heating cabinets are produced in the general industrial design Spectron-TSh

The general industrial heating cabinet is designed for installation of switching and electronic equipment, and provides protection of equipment from environmental influences

Heating allows you to use the oven in harsh climatic conditions of the Far North

The thermostat is adjusted in the temperature range from 0 to +60°C and turns off the power to the heater when the set temperature inside the cabinet (box) is reached. After connecting the cabinet, the system starts up without any additional settings. A 4A circuit breaker is provided to protect the heating system from fire.

The welded construction of the cabinet provides the necessary rigidity and mechanical strength of the product

Powder polymer coating provides the cabinet with long-term protection against corrosion

The heating cabinet is equipped with a removable mounting plate and a removable cable entry panel

Installation of equipment is carried out directly on the mounting plate or using a DIN rail

When placing the equipment, it is necessary to provide a thermal gap of 50 mm to the heating device

A wide range of standard sizes of heating cabinets in industrial design:

  • «Spectron-TSh-300»: 300 х 400 х 150 mm;
  • «Spectron-TSh-500»: 400 х 500 х 250 mm;
  • «Spectron-TSh-600»: 600 х 600 х 250 mm;
  • «Spectron-TSh-800»: 600 х 800 х 400 mm;
  • «Spectron-TSh-1200»: 600 х 1200 х 300 mm.

Temperature operating range from -75 to +60°С

The degree of protection of the shell in accordance with GOST 14254

On request, the heating cabinet is completed with the required number of cable glands.

Protected from unauthorized access by a locking mechanism with a lock

The warranty period of operation is 18 months from the date of commissioning, but not more than 24 months from the date of release by the manufacturer


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