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Ex-proof power converter Spectron-UP-220, stainless steel

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  • Spectron-UP-220/12-N
  • Spectron-UP-220/24-N
  • Spectron-UP-220/36-N

Explosion-proof voltage converters are designed for converting incoming alternating 220V voltage into output direct 12V, 24V or 36V voltage. Voltage converters are produced in the following versions:

  • Spectron-UP-220/12-N - output voltage 12V, body is made with stainless steel
  • Spectron-UP-220/24-N - output voltage 24V, body is made with stainless steel
  • Spectron-UP-220/36-N - output voltage 36V, body is made with stainless steel

Intended for power supply of fire protection alarm system and other electrotechnical equipment. Could be installed in explosion hazardous areas of “1” and “2” classes at highly secure and outdoor facilities

Converter in stainless steel body could be used in underground mines, pits and surface structures

Detector in a stainless steel body is recommended for use in facilities, under conditions of acidic, alkaline, etc. chemically aggressive media, sea water and salt fog Exposure to sea water and salt fog

Temperature range 

from -70 to +90 ºС

Converter is equipped with 4 outputs, one is designed for 220V and three are designed for low stabilized voltage

Protection is made in compliance with IEC 60529:2013


Type of ex-proofing


Easy design process is ensured with specialized software Spectron-OPS-AutoCAD

Warranty period 12 years. Warranty period could be extended to 36 months if "Warranty extension" option is used