Video camera Relion-Trassir-Н-50

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* индекс М - оцинкованная сталь, индекс Н - нержавеющая сталь

Explosion-proof small-sized video camera Relion-Trassir-N-50 with IR illumination for industrial and security surveillance in confined spaces of hazardous areas

Version 03 is available without IR illuminator.

The case from stainless steel 08X18H10T provides protection of the video camera from the effects of acidic, alkaline, etc. Chemically aggressive environments, sea water and salt fog.

The PBExdI / 1ExdIICT5 / T6 marking takes into account the possibility of using the camera in explosive zones of classes "1" and "2", as well as in underground workings, quarries and surface structures.

The camcorder is equipped with one cable gland. The cable gland is not included in the price. The type of cable gland is specified when ordering.

Delivery with a pre-laid cable up to 50 m long is possible. The cost of the cable is indicated in the price list.

Dust and water resistant (IP68) allows the camera to be installed in wet rooms and outdoors in rain and snow.

The small size of the camera makes it easy to install in confined spaces. An adjustment bracket allows you to mount the camera on vertical and horizontal surfaces without losing orientation in space.

The camera power supply with PoE connection meets the modern requirements for video surveillance.

The low weight allows you to install the video camera on lightweight non-bearing structures - partitions, light masts, railings, etc.

Infrared lighting provides high-quality video surveillance in low-light or low-light locations.

IR illumination works in automatic mode. It is activated only in the dark when the illumination brightness is less than 3 lux.

Working temperatures from -40 to +60 ºС;

Relion-N-50 configurations:

Relion-Trassir-N-50-2Mp-AHD / TVI / CVI / PAL - analog video camera with a resolution of 2 Mp

  • Matrix 1/2.7" CMOS 2.1Mp;
  • 1920x1080 resolution;
  • Sensitivity 0.005 lx.
  • Mode 1080p HD-TVI/ 1080p AHD/ 1080p HD-CVI/ PAL 960H;
  • Fixed lens - 3.6 mm;
  • power 12V

Relion-Trassir-N-50-IP-2Mp-PoE - IP video camera with a resolution of 2 Mp and a power supply unit with PoE technology.

  • Matrix 1/2.7" CMOS 2.1Mp;
  • Resolution - 2 Mp: 1920x1080;
  • Sensitivity 0.005 lx.
  • Fixed lens - 3.6 mm;
  • PoE power supply.

Relion-Trassir-N-50-IP-4Mp-PoE - IP video camera with a resolution of 4 Mp and a power supply unit with PoE technology.

  • Matrix 1/3" CMOS 4Mp;
  • Resolution - 4Mp: 2592х1520;
  • Sensitivity 0.005 lx.
  • Fixed lens - 3.6 mm
  • PoE power supply.
Protection is made in compliance with GOST 14254
Type of ex-proofing

12 months warranty The warranty period can be extended to 36 months if the "Warranty Extension" option is used.